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Hale Parish Council
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Hale is a small village in the north west of the district with a part of its boundary being the River Avon and another part the Hampshire/Wiltshire border. It is a scattered community with the centre of the Village being Hatchet Green, which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Conservation Area. There are some thatched cottages around the Green, a Village Hall, a Victorian school building which houses a flourishing and very successful Primary School and a modern sculpture that was erected to mark the Millennium. Other notable landmarks in the Village are Hale Park House which was rebuilt about 1715 and has been added to over the years, St Mary's Church and The National Trust common Hale Purlieu. There are 227 properties within the Parish boundary and in 2003 an estimated population of 553.

History of Hale Parish Council

A meeting of Parishioners of Hale took place on 4 December 1894 where it was proposed that a meeting be called on 20 December 1894 to determine whether an application should be made for a Parish Council. At the meeting on the 20 December it was resolved that an application be made to the County Council for a Parish Council in Hale. The first Parish Councillors were elected on 27 May 1895.

Present day - Hale Parish Council

The present Parish Council meets 11 times a year on the first Tuesday in the month except in August. 

All the meetings are in Hale Village Hall by Hatchet Green and start at 7.30pm.

The Annual Parish Assembly takes place in April; parishioners are welcome.

The Councillors are as follows:

Chairman - Mr Tim Orchard

'Dilkusha' Hatchet Close Hale SP6 2NF 01725 512634

Vice Chairman - Mrs Eve Gillmon 

Woodriding;  Hale Purlieu Hale SP6 2QZ 01725 512279   

Mrs Jacqui Hartas

Broughton Gorse; Tethering Drove Hale SP6 2NH 01725 510376

Mr Robert Aitken-Sykes

Mayfield Farm; Hatchet Green Hale SP6 2ND 01725 513802

Mr Martin Harrington

Three Corners Hale Road, Hale, SP6 2NL 01725 510270

Miss Lorraine Josling

Ferney Homet, HigherEnd Lane, Hale, SP6 2RA 01725 512242

Contact Information:

Clerk to Hale Parish Council

Mrs Sarah Orchard


Hatchet Close



SP6  2NF

Office hours 9am to 5pm weekdays

Landline: 01725 512634

Email: hpcclerk@gmail.com

Committees & delegation of meetings

· Hale Parish Council Planning Committee - Councillors Gillmon, Orchard & Aitken-Sykes

· Hale Village Hall Committee - Councillor Gillmon

· New Forest District Council Liaison Meetings - will be on a rotational basis

· Association of Local Councils in New Forest District (NFALC) - Ad hock basis

· New Forest Consultative Panel - Councillor Gillmon

· Police Liaison/local meetings - Councillor Harrington

· Rights of Way - Councillor Harrington

· Transport - any Councillor that is available

· New Forest National Park Forest North West Quadrant meetings - Councillor Hartas

Any Councillor is to step in when delegated Councillor is unable to attend their allocated meeting