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Hale Parish Council Information Update


This is the latest news from Hale Parish Council.  Documents not found elsewhere on the website will be uploaded her.

Welcome to the October Information Update from Hale Parish Council.  A particular welcome to those of you who are receiving the newsletter for the first time as a result of your request to do so on the Parish Plan Questionnaire.

This newsletter is sent out on an ad hoc basis when there is news to pass on.  I hope you find it useful but if you would like your details removed from the circulation list do let me know.

Council Meetings

I attach the approved Minutes from the September full council and planning committee meetings, and the draft minutes of the same for the October meetings.  These have yet to be approved.  The next meetings are on Tuesday 7 November at the Village Hall, planning at 7pm and full council at 7.30pm.  I hope to see some of you there.

Parish Plan Questionnaire

Thanks to those of you who took the time to complete and return the Parish Plan Questionnaire.  It is extremely useful in helping the Parish Council see what you want.  You will soon see some of the results yourselves and already things are starting to happen as follow ups to the questionnaire. 

Housing Needs Survey

Following the interest expressed in affordable housing in Hale, the Parish Council has worked with NFDC to investigate what, if any, need there may be for such housing and of what type.  NFDC are carrying out an independent in depth survey into the need for affordable housing in Hale.  You will or will shortly received the package through the post.  Please do take the time to complete it as fully and possible and return it to NFDC by 14 November.  NFDC will analyse and present the results - only with your input will those parishioners who are looking at the provision of affordable homes be able to decide how to take it forward and the Parish Council decide how if at all it will be involved. 

Cow Incident

I am sorry to tell you that there has been another incident with a ​cow, this time in the Tethering Drove area of Hatchet Green.  Last Tuesday morning a member of the public was walking their dog on a lead passed a group of cows and horses including a couple of calves, one only a couple of days old.  The lady stood close to the fence with her dog sitting quietly next to her. As the cow came closer the mother decided to cross towards the other side and the calf remained behind her. Suddenly from nowhere the cow charged, head butting the dog and trying to trample the dog.  It then went for the person as she was dragging the dog to the other side of the road.  It then just stopped and carried on walking with the calf.

This unfortunate has been reported to the Verderers. You will recall their previous advice to take great care around the cows and consider letting your dog run away - it can probably out run the cow.  We do not know what is causing the increased number of incidents this year.  In all those that we have heard of the attacks have been totally unprovoked.  We are aware that there are an increased number of cattle out on the Forest this year and for a greater period of time.  It may be that they are less familiar with the public and dogs.

 National Trust Newsletters

 The October newsletter from the National Trust is attached.  I also attach some helpful information the National Trust has provided regarding boundaries, accessing your property and building works.  You may also like to help clear the Gorse from the Purlieu in December - escape that Christmas shopping!!

adobe icon Accessing your property [225kb]  adobe icon Boundaries [253kb]  adobe icon Building works [253kb]  adobe icon Gorse cutting [793kb]  adobe icon October Newsletter [1Mb]

 Grants for rural businesses and communities

  Here is an email from NFDC: " Grants Still Available for Businesses in Rural Areas, including New Forest, southern Test Valley and southern Wiltshire

The EU's New Forest LEADER grants can be used to fund investment in certain types of buildings, equipment and machinery to help small businesses grow and/or create jobs. However the scheme is due to end in 2019, so businesses are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

LEADER can grant fund up to 40% of the investment cost (for commercial projects) up to a maximum grant amount of £75,000. The minimum grant amount you can apply for is £5,000. 

Visit the New Forest LEADER website at  for information on what LEADER can fund and how to apply

For tips and information follow us on twitter at @newforestleader

Parish Councils, who manage heritage buildings or rural services, may also be eligible for LEADER funding if the project contributes to the growth of the local economy or jobs - please visit for more information


Thanking you in anticipation,  Yours sincerely


Sally Igra

Programme Manager

New Forest LEADER

New Forest District Council

Appletree Court


Hants SO43 7PA

Tel: 023 8028 5588



Grants for rural businesses and communities:"

That's all for now.  Please do tell your friends and neighbours about the newsletter.  I hope you found it useful. 


18 October

Following the last Information Update, and in the light of the increased number of incidents involving cattle on the Forest, I have received the following advice from the Verderers office when walking near cattle.  A lot of it is common sense and I am sure you are all taking these steps anyway but please do pass it on if you see anyone putting themselves in possible danger or potentially aggravating the cattle.

"The following is our advice.

- Always give Forest stock a wide berth.

- Avoid getting between a cow and her calf, remembering that calves are often hidden under bushes or in undergrowth.

- Carry a walking stick. Waving the stick accompanied by loud shouting usually frightens off an aggressive animal.

- If a dog is the focus of the animals attention, then releasing it from its lead can help as dogs  are normally quick enough to evade stock."





Sue Plumb

Clerk to Hale Parish Council

Tel:  07717 851694


















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