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Hale Parish Council Information Update


This is the latest news from Hale Parish Council.  Documents not found elsewhere on the website will be uploaded here.

1 June 2018

Hi all

I have been asked by Richard Carter to correct an error in the recent update - the informal meeting at 6.30pm on Tuesday is with the "Protect Hale Purlieu" and "Protect Hale Purlieu Movement".  They are not called the "Save the Pylons Group".  The error was mine.

My apologies


1 June 2018

Hi everyone

Couple of bits of news for you today

Next Council Meetings - Tuesday 5 June

​The next Parish Council meetings are on Tuesday 5 June at the Hall.  Please note the timings are as follows:

​6.30 pm - an informal meeting with the Save the Pylons Group, you are welcome to go along if you wish.  They will be discussing questions to be raised by HPC in advance of a closed meeting between HPC with National Grid and other stakeholders.  Current draft of the questions is attached. adobe icon Draft questions for meeting with National grid [18kb]

7.30 pm - HPC Planning Committee - agenda attached

7.45pm - HPC Full Council Meeting - agenda attached

As ever, everyone is welcome to come along.


Scam Warning from New Forest District Council

NFDC have sent us the following warning about their lifeline service:

"Scam warning

New Forest District Council are warning their Appletree Careline community alarm customers to be aware of a telephone scam where the caller falsely claims the alarm service is being taken over before asking for bank details. 

The Council is aware of four customers who have been approached by a company claiming to be taking over Appletree Careline.   

One customer gave his bank details after being told by the caller that they were working with Appletree Careline. He said he was caught by surprise and became very flustered during the call and gave out his bank details, when he knew full well it was something he shouldn't have done.

The Council wishes to reassure customers that a takeover is not happening and everything is business as usual at Appletree Careline.

NFDC are working with Trading Standards and advise customers not to give any bank details or part with any money.

Anyone who is concerned or who feels they have been misled into buying a product or service, can contact Citizens Advice consumer service who provide free, confidential and impartial advice.  03454 04 05 06"

And finally

This is my last information update.  I have really enjoyed my time at Hale and getting to know some of you, working in your village.  Hale is a great place to live and, whatever the current projects and plans may bring, it is not really the buildings and the environment that make a place but its' people.  You have a lovely community all around you and I know that Hale will continue to be a very special place with lots of caring people.  It has been a privilege to be part of it for the last few years.

I know you will welcome and support Kathy Cleary, my successor, as you have me - so it's goodbye from me and it's hello from Kathy

Kathy can be contacted on this email address and 07753 928088

All the very best to you all


23 May 2018

Dear all

Welcome to the latest news from the Parish Council, just a few pieces of information to pass on.

Car Park Works

GOOD NEWS!  Hampshire Highways are coming next week to repair the edge of the road between the car park and Hatchet Green.  They will be building a proper hard edge that will hopefully reduce the erosion of the road and the car park.

Work will start on the morning of Tuesday 29th and be completed on Friday 1st June. It is school half-term so the hall is largely un-booked but the car park will be closed.

The road along the east of the green and the BOAT that runs past the school and down towards Lady's Mile will be closed with access to properties only. There will be no access to the BOAT from the road round the Green, only from Lady's Mile end.  

Traffic will be diverted along Hale Road to the north of the green. Access to the track to the west of the green will be from Hale Road only.  Deliveries to the hall will be possible via the BOAT.  Advance notices of road closures and diversions have been put out by the contractors and they will also be asked to identify a route for pedestrian access to the hall.

Cllr. Aitken Sykes has very kindly offered his field at Mayfield Farm, opposite the hall, for parking. Car park signs will be put out.  If you park in the field please ensure that you close the gate behind you and again when you leave. There is no overnight parking in the field and the gate will be locked at 9.15pm. Please use this temporary car park and do not park on the verges.

Thank you all for your co-operation.

Hale Housing Consultative Group meeting 29 May 2018

The first meeting of the Hale Housing Consultative Group has been arranged for Tuesday 29 May at 7pm in the Hall.  If you put your name down as volunteering to join you should already have received an email about this.  If you did but haven't had the email, my apologies.  Please let me know and I will add you to the list now.  Equally, if you haven't previously signed up for the Group but would like to, again let me know. 

The Parish Council encourages all those with an interest in affordable housing in Hale, whatever your view, to join and help the Council understand more about the project and what may be needed and work in the village.  It's a big project with a lot to consider so all help will be gratefully received, it doesn't matter if you are unable to attend the first meeting - there will be other meetings soon!

Contacting the local Police

I have had an email from PSCO Steve May, whom some of you met at the Annual Parish Assembly.  He is delighted with the input he has received and information given by residents on various matters and has asked me to pass on his thanks.  He is always willing to help out where he can.  You will appreciate Steve is not always on duty so please do not call him direct but use 101 and the information will be passed on.  Obviously if there is an emergency please call 999.



25 April 2018

Dear all

Firstly, a huge thank you to the large number of you who came along to the Annual Parish Assembly.  It was great to see so many people attending a council meeting even if the star turn was the National Grid representatives rather than Councillors! 

For those of you who signed up to this electronic newsletter for the first time, welcome.  I hope you find it interesting and informative.  It is sent out on an ad hoc basis as and when there is some news and hopefully not so frequently to clutter your inbox.

Annual Council Meeting

​The next meeting of Hale Parish Council is the Annual Council Meeting next Tuesday, 1 May at the Hall.  Please note we will start at 7pm as there is no Planning Committee meeting.  The agenda is attached.  As you will see there are a number of administrative matters we are legally obliged to attend to at this meeting but, having got those out of the way, we will be discussing the way forward in relation to the Visual Impact Project on the Purlieu so do come along if you have an interest in that.  Which leads me on to...

The Visual Impact Project

We have received a helpful email from Stuart Fox on behalf of National Grid - set out here

"During last week's meeting, we indicated that we would be intensifying our public and wider stakeholder engagement and consultation, and I thought it would be useful to set out how we intend to progress with local and parish engagement to inform our developing plans.  Over the coming months we intend to:

· Organise a visit for stakeholders including Hale Parish Council representatives to view an example of restoration work undertaken by our specialist partners.  We will try to organise this as close to Hale as possible but clearly we will want to visit an environment as similar as possible to the one at Hale Purlieu.  We would leave it to the parish council to nominate up to four representatives, and will be in touch shortly to discuss potential representatives and establish a mutually convenient date.

· Meet with a working group of parish council members to discuss the project's progress ahead of the public exhibitions in July (and preferably just before a Hale parish council meeting).  A smaller meeting outside the regular parish council agenda would give us the chance to discuss matters in more detail over a longer period if required.  Again, we would leave it to you to nominate representatives but suggest keeping the meeting relatively small.  Following the meeting, the working group could report back to the full parish council.  If wanted by Hale Parish Council, we would see this group continuing to meet throughout the construction phase should we be successful in our application.

· Organise a second meeting of the project's community liaison group, which first met in December 2016 and to which Hale parish council sent two representatives.  As well as Hale Parish Council, its membership includes the New Forest Access Forum, the New Forest Commoners Defence Association, the New Forest Equestrian Group, the RSPB, the National Trust, the New Forest National Park Authority and the New Forest Dog Owners Group, as well as representation from local schools and policing.  This would be scheduled to take place before the public exhibitions in July.

· Host public drop-in events to share our plans with the community ahead of the expected submission of a planning application later this year.  We are currently planning to hold exhibitions in local venues on three or four dates in July.  We will keep you informed as they are finalised.  Ideally, we would hold at least one of these sessions in Hale village hall as well as in the car park at Turf Hill.  Held over the course of a whole day (and into the evening) and including two weekend dates, these events will involve a number of members of the VIP project team and will give local people the chance to speak to them on a one-to-one basis.  These sessions often prove more productive than the public meetings where individual voices can sometimes dominate proceedings.

· Ensure that the project's dedicated website ( is regularly updated with the latest information.

We hope that this activity together with wider meetings and ongoing discussions with ecologists, archaeologists and the Verderers will allow us to build on the relationships already established in the New Forest over the past two years.  We look forward to continuing to work with the parish council and the wider local community in the future as we look to shape the best possible scheme that will significantly enhance the beautiful landscape of Hale Purlieu and the New Forest for generations to come.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards


None of the suggestions in Stuart's email have been agreed and, as you may anticipate, we have been collating information gained at the Annual Parish Assembly, gathering Parishioners views and taking stock.  In the light of all that Cllr Lucas has put together a paper for discussion at the meeting on Tuesday with initial thoughts on the issues that arise and possible ways forward.  That paper is attached here.  adobe icon Working ideas note on the VIP. April 18 [23kb] It is very much a working document and nothing is set in stone or decided, it a starting point for debate and your views are welcome.  Do come along to join the discussion or, if you would prefer, feel free to send your comments to me in advance.  We will go back to National Grid after the meeting in the light of the discussions at the meeting.

Watercourse Ditches outside your properties

Sadly the brief spell of summer has passed and we are back to April showers, rather heavy ones as I type!  The exceptionally high level of recent rainfall has meant that some of the ditches outside your properties are flooding and failing to take the water away.

As part of one of our recent Parish Council meetings a discussion was held about this.  I appreciate that some of the verges, eg those along Tethering Drove, seem to degenerate naturally more than some of the others in Hale, but if we may we would like to ask all those with a blocked ditch outside their property if you would be willing to do two things please. 

First, could you feedback to me any ideas you might have as to how the Parish Council may improve these verges - both the ditch side and the side that is used for parked cars.  We cannot make any improvements without your input so would please, very much like to hear your views.  

Second, although the clearance of the drainage ditches in front of your houses remains the responsibility of residents and still needs to be done regularly, is there any way in which we could help you with this?  We would be happy to consider further improvements to these ditches if you have ideas that we can help make work.

In the meantime, if you do have a blocked ditch outside your home can please do what you can to clear it. I am sure all the village will be grateful to those who take this step.  Thank you very much for your help.

So that's all for now.  I hope to see some of you next week with lots of good ideas to discuss!



16 April 2018

Dear all

Just a reminder that Hale Annual Parish Assembly is tomorrow at 7.30pm in the Hall.  A copy of the agenda is attached. 

National Grid are sending 2 representatives to explain more about the new proposed route for the underground cables across Hale Purlieu.  I attach a plan showing the route which I understand may have been distributed to some homes but not all.  adobe icon Proposed route of cables April 18 [323kb]

Sarah Kelly from the New Forest National Park Authority and Jacob White from the National Trust will also be there along with County/District Councillor Heron.

Do come along to what should be a very informative evening. There will be an opportunity for questions during the meeting and more informally afterwards over drinks.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow


7 April 2018

Dear all

I hope you all had a good Easter break despite the rain.  Many thanks to those of your who came along to the Parish Council meeting this week.  For those who couldn't make it here is a quick up date.

Affordable Housing - Hale Parish Council Housing Consultative Group

The Council is delighted that so many people came along to discuss possible affordable housing in Hale.  Thanks for your questions and helpful thoughts.  A summary of matters discussed will be appended to the Minutes of the Meeting and circulated in due course.

One of the main initiatives agreed is the setting up of Hale Parish Council Housing Consultative Group. The idea is a group of volunteers will work alongside the Council to consider all affordable housing matters.  We need local thoughts and views on any proposals and your help in gathering those views.  We also need assistance in researching and investigating issues, options available and the many other points that will arise as any scheme progresses.  More information to follow, but if you are interested in joining this group please do let me know.  We welcome residents of all ages, from all parts of the village, with any view on affordable housing. Thanks to those who have already signed up to or expressed an interest in joining the group.

Affordable Housing - Hale Village Community Land Trust Ltd - the CLT

For those of you considering becoming involved in the CLT or who simply would like to find out more, I have been asked to pass on a date for your diary.  Bill Templeton will be holding a public meeting of the CLT in the Hall at 7pm on Saturday 21 April.  All are welcome. Bill will explain more about the present position, what a CLT is and how it works and how you may be able to get involved.  Information regarding membership and application forms will be available.  In the meantime, Bill has asked me to circulate the Rules of the CLT, which are attached. 

Just in case there is any confusion - this is not a Parish Council meeting, it is a meeting of the CLT, an totally separate and independent organisation. 

Hale Parish Council Annual Parish Assembly - National Grid and the Pylons

I hope you all have 7.30pm on 17 April in your diary for the Parish Council Annual Parish Assembly.  Due to the recent news that National Grid have revised the proposed route for the underground cables across Hale Purlieu there has been a slight change of focus for the Annual Parish Assembly.  After the usual business and round up of the council and village year representatives from National Grid will talk about the amended plans and answer any questions that you may have.  I hope this will be informative for residents and the Council alike.

You may be relieved to hear that affordable housing will not be under discussion at this meeting!

​Vacancy - Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer to Hale Parish Council

As you may have heard I am moving on from the Parish Council.  I have really enjoyed my time working in Hale. Your Parish Council is a real asset to your community and it has been great being part of it and getting to know some of you.

Are you interested in this varied and rewarding role?  You will work an average of 10 hours a week from home and out and about in Hale - including a monthly Council meeting.  Some flexibility is needed as additional hours may be required at times.  The Council will consider a job share from those interested but with fewer available hours.

 The Clerk/RFO is responsible for managing all Council business and advising Councillors in all aspects of Local Governance including Council finances.  You will meet new people and work alongside other agencies in the New Forest.   Experience in local council administration and/or accounts management is preferred but not essential.  You will need strong organisational, communication and IT skills and I will of course work with the new Clerk to ensure a smooth handover.

Training will be given and the successful candidate should be willing to study for (or complete) the CiLCA qualification (the Council will pay the fees).   Salary is negotiable from NJC SCP 16 (£9.054 per hour) depending on qualifications and experience, with allowances for work related expenses.

You know better than most the great work that the Council is doing in the village and has planned for the future.  You also know what a lovely bunch of people your Councillors are.  To find out more or f or a Job Description and Person Specification or just a chat do get in touch with me. 

The closing date for applications by Expression of Interest and CV is noon on 30 April 2018.  Interviews will be held in Hale on 9 May 2018.   Hale Parish Council is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applicants from all sections of the community.

 Updates from Neighbourhood Watch

Sharon Barnett has asked me to pass on the following information, with apologies to those who may have already had it.

Local burglary

I am afraid that another theft has occurred along Hale Purlieu, unfortunately to a property that had already been a victim in December 2016.  The items stolen were exact replacements of the ones taken in the previous theft.  On this occasion the thieves forced 4 locks and cut through heavy duty securing chains with a disc cutter. A red van had been seen at the scene and it's reg number taken (plus some useful dash-cam footage) and this info was passed to 101 when it was reported.

Sharon has contacted Cllr. Edward Heron to seek his opinion and advice as he had given input about these incidents at last year's HPC Assembly.  She is also approaching our PCSO, Stephen May.

That is all for now.  I hope to see you at the Annual Parish Assembly.

Have a good weekend


 Happy Easter everyone

Good afternoon all

Just a quick information up date

Hale Parish Council meetings

​The next council meetings are on Tuesday 3 April at the Hall - Planning Committee at 7pm and Full Council at 7.30pm.  Both agendas are attached.  As ever you are very welcome to come along to either or both meetings.  Thanks to those of you who submitted questions arising from the Hale Housing Survey Report. They are with Members for consideration and will be discussed at the Full Council meeting.

Refuse collection

Just a reminder to put your rubbish out at the normal time over the Easter holidays - collections will be as usual.

And all that leaves is for me, on behalf of the Parish Council, to wish you and your families a very happy and peaceful Easter and may the sun shine on you at some point!

Happy Easter



20 March 2018

Good afternoon everyone

I hope you survived the snow round 2 - it was very pretty on Sunday morning.  Now time for some sunshine - I hope!  I have a couple of pieces of general information for you and would like to give you advance notice of an agenda item for the April Parish Council meeting.

Affordable housing

​The agenda for the Parish Council meeting on 3 April will include an item for members (those who have no discloseable interest)to discuss the Hale Housing Survey report and to decide what steps, if any, the Parish Council will take in the light of the Report.  Members ​are happy to answer questions from parishioners arising from the report.  In order to be able to properly consider those questions and to help regulate the meeting in terms of timing, collating similar questions etc anyone wishing to raise a question is asked to put it in writing in advance please. 

If you have a question or questions arising from the report (that you are happy to raise and have discussed at a public meeting)can you send the question(s) to me in writing, (ideally by email), by next Wednesday, 28th March please.  You will appreciate that the Easter weekend falls between then and the meeting and councillors would like a little time to give proper thought to matters you may raise.

You are of course welcome to come along to the meeting to hear the discussion, or if you are unable to do so, the questions and answers will be minuted.  

As I am sure you will appreciate the Council has other business to attend to on the night.  This is not a  general public meeting about affordable housing.  There will be such a separate meeting and the Council is talking to the CLT about this.  So please do keep your questions to matters arising from report, wider matters can be debated at a public meeting specifically for the purpose at a later date.

Easter rubbish collection

NFDC has confirmed that all rubbish, recycling and garden waste collections will take place on the usual days over the Easter holidays so please do put your rubbish out at the normal times.  Don't forget that the cardboard packaging from those Easter eggs can go in the recycling but any plastic protection or foil wrapping should go in the black sack.

Changes to the way public notices are published

I have received the following information from NFDC:

"Changes to the way public notices are published by NFDC

For many years New Forest District Council has placed statutory adverts, notably those regarding planning and related applications and road closures, in a number of mostly paid for local papers circulating in the District via an Agency. 

This is only a small part of the advertising that is undertaken to make the community aware of such matters with site notices and neighbour letters also being used, letters being sent to the relevant Town and Parish Councils and District Councillors and full details being made available on the Council website.

As part of a wider review it was identified that this contract was in need of review due to the length of time it has been in place and that the annual cost to the Council of placing such adverts was in the order of £50,0000 a year.  This being the case a formal open tender was issued that the current provider and the relevant local papers were fully aware of giving them all the chance to bid direct. 

The successful tenderer was Hampshire Media Limited meaning that from April this year our statutory adverts will not be placed as at present but rather in a weekly free paper (The Hampshire Independent) distributed throughout the District via a number of outlets such as petrol stations, shops and supermarkets.   The awarded supplier is currently looking at setting up more distribution points likely to include our offices and willing Town and Parish Council facilities.   

The newspaper is also available on line via the following link.

The contract will commence on the first of April, will run for a maximum of five years and will provide an annual cost saving in the order of £11,000 a year.

By publishing the notices in a free newspaper the Council continues to make public notices widely available in a legal and cost-effective way and is, in fact, following an approach already adopted by the vast majority of Hampshire Councils.  The new publication is free to pick up and covers the whole District, which makes it less costly to the taxpayer who wants to find out about such matters without having to pay for the paper as is now often the case.  In addition residents can request that they are sent digital or paper editions of The Hampshire Independent on a weekly basis free of charge.

We will update our website with respect to these changes and set up a new page on our website from which residents can directly access all statutory notices.  We are confident that these new arrangements will continue the high level of community engagement we seek which is especially relevant given the likely meaningful increase in development in the part of the District the Council covers for planning purposes in the next few years.

You (meaning parish councils) will be provided with a full list of stockists in due course once the additional locations required have been agreed with the Hampshire Independent.

Please contact David Groom ( or 023 8028 5345) if you require any further information."

I hope that is helpful and don't forget to get in touch by next Wednesday if you have any questions from the Housing Report.

Have a good afternoon



15 March 2018

Dear all

Just a couple of pieces of news to pass on

Hale Housing Needs Survey Report

The Council has now received the Hale Housing Needs Survey Report.  This has been prepared by Action Hants and is based on the collated responses from the survey sent out by New Forest District Council.  A copy is attached, is on the Council website and hard copies are available at the School and in the Hall.  Please can you only take one hard copy per household to keep our costs down and save trees!

Members are now considering the report, we hope you will do so too and it is of course being considered by the Community Land Trust.  There will be an open forum for discussion - details of which will follow in due course.  As it is such an important matter requiring detailed consideration and discussion it will not be on the agenda for the Annual Parish Assembly which, as you know, is an informal evening where you can come along for a drink and chat and update on village life.

Litter pick this Saturday

Just a quick reminder that the litter pick has been re arranged for this Saturday, 17th March, 10am - noon, meet at the Village Hall Car Park.  Maybe do your shopping at the Food Market and then join in cleaning up the village.  Parking space will be at a premium so please do walk if you can.  The National Trust representative will be there so please take a moment to say hello.

That's all for now

Best wishes


1 March 2018

A winter update

Good afternoon all

I hope you are warm and sheltered from the beast from the east.  Just a little bit of news for you.

Hale Parish Council Meeting - 6 March 2018

​The next Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 6 March.  There is no Planning Committee meeting so the Full Parish Council meeting will start at 7pm in the Village Hall.  The agenda is attached.  As ever you are very welcome to come along.

Hale Annual Parish Assembly - 17 April 2018

The Annual Parish Assembly will be on 17 April at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.  This year is it "All About Hale".  Alongside the update on the year from the Parish Council and local organisations we have invited local businesses to come to introduce themselves to us and to you.  The Parish Council would like to work more closely with local businesses and the first step is for us all to find out more about what is on our doorstep.  If you live in Hale and run your own business please do get in touch with me to be involved in this local evening.  We will also have a representative from the New Forest Business Partnership coming to talk about what businesses are nearby and what the Partnership can do to help local business. There should be something to interest everyone in the village so please put the date in your diary and join us for what will be an interesting and informal evening with a chance to meet your County/District Councillor, Parish Councillors and lots of local people.

Litter Pick - The Great British Spring Clean - Saturday 1pm - is postponed

National Trust has confirmed that the Litter Pick arranged for Saturday is postponed due to the weather conditions.  It is likely all the litter will be hiding under the snow so we will wait for it to reappear before arranging a new date.

Salt bins and gritting

Hants County Council are doing all that they can to keep the main roads gritted and open.  You will appreciate it is a massive task.  Many of you will have noticed salt bins on the side of the minor roads but did you know that they are for public use.  If you live near a frozen public road or path and are able to do safely please go to the bin and spread the salt where it is needed.  This link tells you more, including where the bins are, what the salt can be used for and requesting a refill of salt.  My thanks on behalf of the village to those parishioners who have already been out gritting the roads.

Here is the latest news from HCC Highways

Winter Weather Update

As forecast, snow showers started off light this morning in Hampshire and continued through the morning. We are expecting more accumulations through the day, with accumulations of up to 10cm by the end of the day, particularly in the west and north west of Hampshire. Further snow is expected on Friday, giving a further 2-5cm on top of Thursdays snow. Temperatures all through Thursday and Friday are likely to be extremely cold meaning that ice formation will be a significant risk and we are not expecting any let up in the freezing conditions probably until Sunday, so the fallen snow will re-freeze at night, and hang around for a while.  With the extremely cold road temperatures, ice formation is a real issue for us as well as snowfall. It is worth noting that, as temperatures fall below -5c, salt loses its effectiveness and, given the extremely cold temperatures, all road users are advised to take particular care. We are also advising everyone to check their onward travel arrangements given the disruption to air travel and public transport.

The priority 2 and community routes were gritted again yesterday and last night we did a further double run on the Priority 1 routes. We will be spreading pre-wetted salt/brine ahead of the snow to ensure the maximum salt is in place, given the forecast is for increasing winds which would potentially blow away dry spread salt on exposed stretches of road.  This morning snow ploughs were fitted and the gritters are running continuously on the Priority 1 network until we are confident that routes are appropriately passable with care.  Highways England are also be active on their network to keep the strategic traffic routes open, though the tragic accident and resulting closure of the A34 is expected to cause delays in the area throughout the day.

With further snow and freezing conditions forecast from mid afternoon and through the evening, we will maintain our focus on the Priority 1 routes to ensure that the main routes remain passable for tomorrow morning. Salting routes are available online. Follow @Hantshighways on Twitter to find out when the gritters are going out.

The County Council's 3000 community salt bins will also be a vital resource for local communities to treat neighbourhood roads and footpaths, but not for use on private drives. It is important to remember that a little salt goes a long way and it is unlikely that we will be able to replenish these salt bins during the snow as our priority will be to keep the main road network open.  Therefore we are advising those using salt bins locally to follow our guidance.

The County Council has made plans to maintain public services and district colleagues will be assisting with treating public areas such as town centres and busy footpaths. The County Council has issued a reminder to schools to ensure they are prepared to deal with snow and ice, including advice on maintaining a supply of salt on each site and clearing paths and entrances to ensure they can operate safely during bad weather. However, schools make their own decisions locally on whether to close or change hours depending on local circumstances, and the most up to date information is available on Parents are advised to check the website in the morning as a number of schools have already advised on changes to their normal arrangements. If anyone is worried about an elderly neighbour or relative, they should call Hampshire County Council's Adults' Health and Care team on 0300 555 1386, during the week in working hours, (8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday, 8.30am to 4.30pm Friday) or call 0300 555 1373 out of hours and on weekends and Bank Holidays.

Refuse collection

The NFDC refuse collection for today and tomorrow has been cancelled.  There will be a double collection on Thursday and Friday of next week.  If any refuse bags are out can you please take them in again.

Council offices

NFDC offices will be shutting at 4pm today and all NFDC Leisure Centres will be closing at 7pm.

Community Priorities Survey

The police are asking for your input on setting the Community Policing Policy - I have received this email - (apologies to those of you who may have already received this via another route)

"Your local Policing Team needs your help in setting our Local Community Policing priorities for your area for the next six months.  In order to ensure we are working effectively in the community we need you to tell us what issues are affecting you the most.   Our aim is to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime as well as to make your neighbourhoods safer places to live and work.   All we ask is that you spare five minutes to complete a survey to give us a clear understanding of the issues that matter to you. The closing date is 31 st March 2018.   Please use the following link to access the survey:   Please forward the link to any other interested parties who live or work within the Ringwood and Fordingbridge area.   Thank you   Helen Helen Mitchley Sergeant 3024
New Forest West Neighbourhood Policing Team

(responsible for Ringwood & Fordingbridge)

For the Victim of Crime Information Pack click here "


That's all for now.  Please stay safe and warm and look after those who may need a little bit of help in this snowy weather - and for those who are big kids at heart - have fun!


15 February 2018

Good morning everyone

Here is the latest news from Hale Parish Council

Council meetings

​I attach copies of the approved Minutes of the January Parish Council meeting and the draft Minutes (subject to approval) of the February meeting.  As there has not been any planning applications to consider the Planning Committee has not met since December.  I think this may have led to some confusion about the start time of meetings.  Unless otherwise stated the meetings will always start at 7pm.  If there is a Planning Committee meeting this will be 7pm and the Parish Council meeting will not start before 7.30pm.  If there is no Planning the full Parish Council meeting will start at 7pm.  The correct time is always at the top of the agenda so please do check if you are coming along.​

The Great British Spring Clean - join us for a Spring Clean of Hale on 3 March

The Parish Council and National Trust are taking part in the Great British Spring Clean.  It would great to have as many volunteers as possible to help litter pick all across Hale.  If you can spare a little time please meet Gaby Lucas at 1pm on Saturday 3 March at the Village Hall car park.

NFDC has kindly provided bags, gloves and pickers and the rubbish will be taken away by the National Trust at the end - don't worry, we won't ask you to take it home. As we will be clearing near roads please bring along any high visibility clothing you may have.  We are aiming to do a couple of hours but any time you can spare will be much appreciated.  The more people we have the greater the area we can cover, its not just about the Green.  We want to get as far as we can including Hale Purlieu and Forest Road.

What a great opportunity for fresh air, to meet with other villagers and clean up your lovely village. 

Hale Annual Parish Assembly - 17th April 2017

A date for your diary - the Annual Parish Assembly will take place at 7.30pm on Tuesday 17th April in the Village Hall.  Our theme this year is very much "All about Hale".  Watch this space for more details but for now please keep the evening free.  It would be lovely to see as many of you as possible and there is every chance you will learn something new about the many things happening in and around your village.

National Trust

The National Trust February newsletter and details of Spring events are attached.  adobe icon National Trust February 2018 Newsletter [2Mb]  adobe icon National Trust Spring 2018 events [582kb]  adobe icon National Trust Strategy 2018 [2Mb]

Volunteer Driver recruitment

Hampshire County Council is currently recruiting Volunteer Drivers to undertake various social care journeys within Hampshire. Volunteers use their own vehicles to transport adults and children who are under the care of the County Council. The scheme provides an essential transport link to facilities and activities for Hampshire residents, some of whom have physical or learning disabilities.

A copy of the recruitment poster, including contact details if you are interested in volunteering, is attached.  adobe icon Hants Volunteer Drivers [1000kb]

That's all for now, enjoy the sun while it shines


24 January 2018

Firstly, welcome to all those receiving their first Information Update from Hale Parish Council and for leaving your contact details at the Parish Plan Exhibition on Sunday.  I hope you find these updates useful and interesting.  They are sent out on an ad hoc basis and I promise you will not be bombarded.   If you prefer not to receive these emails just let me know and I will remove you from the circulation list.

Parish Plan Exhibition

​Thank you to those who braved the rain and came along to the Parish Plan Exhibition on Sunday.  It was lovely to meet so many of you, and for those who went in the afternoon I am sorry I missed you.  I hope you found it informative and you had any questions answered.  I also hope you went home well refreshed by the delicious cake made by volunteers.  All your comments have been noted and will form part of the discussion in formulating Hale Parish Plan.  We can't please all of the people all of the time but we will work hard on achieving what the majority would like.

A huge thank you to those of you who offered your services as volunteers or who expressed an interest in a particular project or matter.  I am collating the information and will be sending out separate emails in that respect.  If you didn't put your name down on the day and there is something you would like to help with or be better informed about just let me know.

For those of you who were unable to make it to the exhibition I attach a copy of the Interim Parish Plan that was handed out on the day.  This tells you where the Council is currently at and may help you identify those areas you may like to get involved in.​  adobe icon Interim Parish Plan Jan 2018 [30kb]

Scam warning

I have been asked by Sharon Barnett, Neighbourhood Watch to pass on the following:

"There continues to be a telephone scam where a recorded message is left, allegedly from HMRC, stating that HMRC are bringing a lawsuit against the individual and is going to sue them. The recipient is asked to phone a given number and press "1" to speak to the officer dealing with the case. This scam is becoming widely reported and seems to be targeting older people. Please do not reply to the message.

HMRC takes security very seriously but you need to be alert. If you cannot verify the identity of the person making the call you should not disclose your personal details. The HMRC website states they would never use these methods to tell you about a tax rebate, a penalty or even to get personal payment information.

Anyone who comes across such a scam should contact Action Fraud at or contact the Action Fraud Hotline on 0300 123 2040 as they are the investigatory body for offences of this type.

Further information on scams can be found on the Government website


Rob Morant PC 21142

New Forest West Neighbourhood Policing Team

(responsible for Fordingbridge, Downlands and Forest and Forest North West)

External: 101

Internal: 4656106


For the Victim of Crime Information Pack click here

Sign up to Hampshire Alerts: - A FREE crime and community information service for information about what is going on in your area"


That's all for now.  Keep an eye on your inbox for emails about those projects you said you were interested in - more will follow in the next few weeks.



15 January 2018

Parish Plan Exhibition

As you know the Parish Plan exhibition is taking place this Sunday - from 10am to 4pm in the village hall.  This is your chance to have your say about the future work of the Parish Council in Hale.  Come along and meet members of the Parish Plan working party and Councillors to find what is planned, what you can do and to have your questions answered.  There will be lots to see and you can have a cuppa while looking at our new projects such as Hatchet Green regeneration, improvements to the cemetery and upgrade of the car park.  The Council is also looking at working with possible new volunteer groups for example a youth working project, Community Land Trust, Community First Responders and Age Concern.  The Parish Council cannot do this work or make meaningful plans without your help so please do drop in and see us.  A poster is attached for your information - feel free to display it and tell your friends too!

Bus passes

Hampshire County Council have asked us to pass on the fact that they are in the process of renewing the bus passes that expire on 31 March 2018.  Please do not contact HCC unless your circumstances have changed - see attached poster.  adobe icon HCC Concessionary travel [262kb]

National Trust

The latest newsletter from the National Trust is attached.  adobe icon National Trust Newsletter Jan 18 [855kb]

I look forward to meeting lots of you on Sunday



3 January 2018

Dear all

I hope you all had a good Christmas and found some time to relax and recharge your batteries ready for 2018.  Just a couple of items for you to start the new year.

January council meetings

Please note there is no Planning Committee meeting this month as there are no new applications to consider.  The full Parish Council meeting will be on 9 January and will start slightly earlier at 7pm.  As ever you are all welcome to come along.  The Agenda is attached and is also on the website.

Parish Plan Exhibition

On 21 January 2018 there will be an exhibition in the Village Hall with further thoughts on Hale Parish Plan.  Please watch this space for more information and put the date in your diary to come along and help shape the future of Hale.

NHS Hampshire

I have received a round robin email from NHS Hampshire explaining the pressure the hospital emergency service is under and advising of other means by which health care may be sought.  The note is attached.  adobe icon NHS Hants January 2018 letter [74kb]

And finally, on behalf of the Parish Council may I wish you all a happy and healthy 2018 enjoying life in Hale

Best wishes



19 December 2017

Dear all

I hope your preparations for the festive season are in full swing and you are looking forward to some time out with friends and family.  Here is the last update from Hale Parish Council for 2017.


The Minutes of the November Planning and Full Council meetings are attached, along with draft minutes of the December meetings.  The latter have yet to be approved.  This will take place at the meetings on 9 January 2018 which you are all welcome to attend.

Hale Housing Needs survey​

Our thanks to those of you who took the time to respond to the Hale Housing Needs survey sent out by NFDC.  NFDC has collated the responses and prepared a short summary report relating to the replies to Part 2.  You will recall this was the section completed by those who have a housing need. A copy is attached.  The summary report is useful in that it demonstrates a prima facie housing need within the village but is insufficient to enable the Parish Council to make any decisions about its possible future involvement in the provision of any affordable housing in Hale.  HPC is asking NFDC to pass the survey responses to HARAH (Hampshire Alliance for Rural Affordable Housing) so that they can prepare a full report.  Those interested may like to look at the report on the Ellingham, Hargbridge & Ibsley Parish Council website as an example of the type of report HPC is looking for.

I understand there may be some confusion as to the current status of this project.  If anyone has any questions or concerns please do give me a ring or drop me an email and I will happily answer them.

A date for your diary

The working party who put together the Parish Plan questionnaire and who are now working on a draft of a revised Parish Plan will be holding an exhibition at the Village Hall on 21 January 2018 to provide more information about the responses and to consult with you on the way forward for Hale.  More information will follow, but please do put the date in your diary as it would be good to see as many of you as possible.

National Trust events

I attach a couple of posters from the National Trust with details of events being held at Foxbury, along with the December newsletter.  adobe icon December 2017 Newsletter [741kb]  adobe icon Foxbury Christmas event [3Mb]  adobe icon Horse Rides 2017 [651kb]

Community First job opportunity

​I have the following email from Community First - could be a new year, a new job!  This will not insert as it has an incompatable table.  It is CEO role, if you are interested I can email the details.​

That's the news for now.  It just remains for me, on behalf of all at Hale Parish Council, to thank all of you for your contribution to life in this lovely village and to wish you and your loved ones a merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy 2018.

Best wishes



10 November 2017

Dear all

We understand from Lucy Buis (NFDC) that there has a been a good level of response to the Hale Housing Needs survey sent out by New Forest District Council.  Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to complete and return the survey so far.

Just a reminder to those of you who have yet to return your survey to NFDC, the deadline is 14 November so if you have time this weekend please do take a few moments to fill it in and pop it in the post. 

Please be assured that the responses will be collated by NFDC and presented to the Parish Council, those interested in developing affordable housing and the village as whole in an anonymous form so please do be open with your answers.  It is only by knowing how the village genuinely feels about affordable that those who are interested in the various schemes can decide whether and if so, how to take matters forward.

Many thanks, have a good weekend


6 November 2017

Good morning

On behalf of the Parish Council and all users of the Village Hall car park I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you who kindly gave up your Sunday morning to help fill the potholes in the car park.  Your digging, raking, shovelling, water blowing, compacting, leaf shifting and numerous other jobs paid huge dividends and we now have a fabulously level car park.

Thanks so much for all your help and hard work, I hope you aren't aching too much this morning!



2 November 2017

Good afternoon

I hope you have enjoyed the sun this afternoon.  A few updates

Next meetings

​The next Planning Committee and ​full Parish Council meetings are Tuesday 7 November, 7pm and 7.30pm respectively at the Village Hall.  The agenda for each is attached.  As ever you are all welcome to attend.

Temporary repair to the car park

I hope I have contacted all those of you who have kindly volunteered to help fill in the potholes in the car park.  In case I have missed anyone I confirm the work is going ahead this Sunday, 5th November from 9am onwards.  For obvious reasons we will need to close the car park for the duration of the work.  If you do use the car park can you please move your car before 9am on Sunday.  The gravel is being delivered tomorrow morning.  If you are using the car park Friday or Saturday please be aware there will be a large pile of gravel to the left hand side of the car park.  We will cone it off so please do not move the cones or park near the gravel.  Hopefully by Sunday afternoon the car park will have a reasonably level surface!

Responses to the Parish Plan Questionnaire

Thanks to all of you who completed the Parish Plan Questionnaire.  The results have been analysed and are available on the website   A copy is also attached.  It makes interesting reading.  The Parish Council will be using this information to prepare the new Parish Plan and its work to improve life in Hale in the future.

Grants available for businesses in rural areas.

​I have received the following information from New Forest District Council

" Grants Still Available for Businesses in Rural Areas, including New Forest, southern Test Valley and southern Wiltshire

The EU's New Forest LEADER grants can be used to fund investment in certain types of buildings, equipment and machinery to help small businesses grow and/or create jobs. However the scheme is due to end in 2019, so businesses are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

LEADER can grant fund up to 40% of the investment cost (for commercial projects) up to a maximum grant amount of £75,000. The minimum grant amount you can apply for is £5,000. 

Visit the New Forest LEADER website at  for information on what LEADER can fund and how to apply.  For tips and information follow us on twitter at @newforestleader

 Sally Igra

Programme Manager

New Forest LEADER

New Forest District Council

Appletree Court


Hants SO43 7PA

Tel: 023 8028 5588


Grants for rural businesses and communities:"

That's all for now, I look forward to seeing some of you on Sunday


Sue Plumb

Clerk to Hale Parish Council

Tel:  07717 851694









































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