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All matters regarding the Parish Council's finances are dealt with by the Responsible Finance Officer:

Kathy Cleary, 5 Blue Valley Mews, Fordingbridge, Hants, SP6 1FB  (07753) 928088 or (01425) 652495;


AGAR return                                                adobe icon AGAR return 2017-18 [1Mb]

Payments to date                                          adobe icon Year end payments to date 17-18 [13kb]

Receipts to date                                            adobe icon Year end receipts to date 17-18 [11kb]

Quarterly bank reconciliation                       adobe icon Year end bank reconciliation to date 17-18 [11kb]

Year end accounts                                         adobe icon Year End Accounts 17-18 [18kb]

List of Assets                                                 adobe icon List of Assets 17 -18 [11kb]

Budget for 2018/19                                        adobe icon Budget 2018 - 19 [12kb]


External Audit Report for year end 31 March 2017   adobe icon BDO External Audit Report 31.3.17 [321kb]

Approved Annual Return year end 31 March 2017   adobe icon Approved Annual Return 31.3.17 [831kb]

Internal Audit Report to 31 March 2017                    adobe icon Internal Audit Report 2016/17 [10kb]

Notice of Exercise of Public Rights                           adobe icon Exercise of Public Rights 2017

Budget for 2017/18                                                    adobe icon Budget for 17/18 [19kb]

Year End Accounts to 31 March 2017                      adobe icon Year End Accounts to 31 March 2017 [23kb]