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Regulations, Policies and Guidance

Hale Parish Council Regulations, Policies and Guidance


DocumentDateCopy Document
Standing OrdersSeptember 2015adobe icon Standing Orders September 2015 [171kb]
Amendment to Standing OrdersJuly 2016adobe icon Amendment to Standing Orders July 2016 [16kb]
Code of ConductNovember 2014adobe icon Code of Conduct adopted 4.11.14 [13kb]
Financial Regulations                        September 2015adobe icon Financial Regulations September 2015 [144kb]

About the Council

DocumentDateCopy Document
Fundamental PrinciplesFebruary 2017  adobe icon Fundamental Principles February 2017 [16kb]
Conduct at MeetingsMarch 2017adobe icon Conduct at Meetings March 2017 [17kb]
Guidance note on being a CouncillorOctober 2016adobe icon Guidance note on being a Councillor October 2016 [55kb]
Co-Option PolicyOctober 2016adobe icon Co-Option Policy October 2016 [20kb]

Hale Cemetery

DocumentDateCopy Document
Cemetery RegulationsSeptember 2012adobe icon Cemetery Regulations September 2012 [34kb]
Policy on Unstable Memorials            November 2006adobe icon Policy on Unstable Memorials November 2006 [27kb]

Grant Awarding Scheme

DocumentDateCopy Document
Grant Awarding PolicyJune 2017      adobe icon Grant Awarding Policy June 2017 [22kb]
S137 Grant Application Form               June 2017           adobe icon S137 Grant Award Application Form June 2017 [38kb]

General Policies

DocumentDateCopy Document
BBQ Policy May 2013adobe icon BBQ Policy May 2013 [26kb]
Complaints PolicyMarch 2017adobe icon Complaints Policy Mar 17 [67kb]
Disciplinary and Grievance ProcedureFebruary 2013adobe icon Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures [26kb]
Electronic Communication Protocol     March 2013adobe icon Electronic Communications Protocol March 2013 [23kb]
Employment Practice and ProcedureApril 2012adobe icon Employment Policy [29kb]
Equality and Diversity PolicyJanuary 2017adobe icon Equality and Diversity Policy March 2017 [22kb]
Parking PolicySeptember 2016adobe icon Parking Policy September 2016 [17kb]  adobe icon Map to Parking Policy September 2016 [1Mb]
Publication SchemeJune 2017adobe icon Publication Scheme June 2017 [69kb]
Recording PolicyJuly 2016adobe icon Recording Policy July 2016 [21kb]
Training and Development PolicyFebruary 2017adobe icon Training and Development Policy February 2017 [14kb]
Unauthorised Camping PolicySeptember 2012adobe icon Unauthorised Camping Policy September 2012 [28kb]
Vexatious Complainant PolicyFebruary 2019adobe icon 13. HPC Vexatious Complaints Policy Draft 2 [123kb]